Fashion Slaves Rock Fillmore

The Fashion Slaves at Millard FillmoreWhat a blast!!! We had a killer show at The Leap Year Day Assembly at Millard Fillmore Vocational School! We got the show at the last minute. It seems some students rumored The Foo Fighters were going to play, and The Fashion Slaves didn’t want to disappoint the packed gym at Fillmore on Feb.29, 2012.

Michael Rosen was there with his remote recording equipment. So that show now is preserved for history. If anyone has photos from the show, we’d sure appreciate them.

BAM Fashion Slaves Article by Pat Johnson

From Pat Johnson’s BAM Blog:

Check Out The Fashion Slaves

Pat JohnsonOne of the greatest things about being a music photographer is discovering new artists, and it’s even better if they have a cool sense of style.

The Fashion Slaves fit that to a “T.”

Legendary Beserkley Records founder Matthew King Kaufman and Grammy-winning producer/engineer Michael Rosen recently teamed up to record a live CD titled Check Out The Fashion Slaves, on Fun Fun Fun Recordings..

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