Fashion Slaves Celebrate Discarded to Divine 2012

We are SO thrilled to be part of Discarded to Divine’s Preview event on Friday, April 13, at the de Young.

Here’s Emily Jayne with her Gibson in an outfit designed by Bo Choi for Discarded to Divine. The piece was inspired by Japanese Kimono art exhibited at the de Young, and Emily is going to rock it onstage for The Fashion Slaves’ 2nd set on Friday.

The photo was snapped by Pat Johnson, and you can learn more about the event, the designer, and D2D at their Facebook page!

French Love

emily-strait-jkt-200pxThe Fashion Slaves, c’est à première vue le fruit d’une recette déjà bien connue: une blonde sexy et énergique (Emily Jayne) assortie d’un groupe de garçons luttant tant bien que mal contre le triste statut de faire-valoir. Debby Harrie, alias Blondie, et Chrissie Hinde, leader des Pretenders, sont toutes deux dépositaires du brevet de la working girl dominante du rock.

Mais à l’écoute, The Fashion Slaves sont aussi une nouvelle facette de la très bouillonnante scène rock californienne.

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Music We Made That We’re Proud Of

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“Best recording this year so far.”

Check Out The Fashion Slaves

“Emily Jayne is compared with Debbie Harry of Blondie and Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. She continued where they left off.”
– Helium

“Emily Jayne is the coolest singer I’ve ever seen, and she plays a mean guitar.”
– Millard Fillmore Gazette

“The Fashion Slaves album is fuggin’ awesome. They are definitely one of the best bay area bands right now. Their tunes are catchy, energetic, and exactly what I was hoping to hear from Emily Jayne ever since I first heard her captivating voice.”
– Joe Phort (The Started-Its, The Phenomenauts)

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News from Fillmore Vocational

The Fashion Slaves in Millard Fillmore Gazette - Scanexcerpts from:

Millard Fillmore Gazette March 3, 2012

When Principal Rooney announced over the P.A. system that the Leap Year Day’s assembly was moved to the gymnasium, and we had to leave our cell phones in our homeroom, I was sure the “Foo Fighters” rumors were true. I was wrong. It was a rock concert, but no Foo Fighters. A band I’d never heard of was going to perform. The gym was packed. No one wanted to go back to class. So we all stayed for the show. The Fashion Slaves were the performers. Once the Slaves started playing, everyone forgot about The Foo Fighters.

I had never heard of the Fashion Slaves, but now I love them. Emily Jayne is the coolest singer I’ve ever seen, and she plays a mean guitar. The show started with some amazing guitar playing by Eric Din, who is also a member of the Uptones, my favorite Ska band. Emily Jayne and Eric Din are joined by Engine 88 bass player, Eric Knight, and drummer Pete D’Amato from The Agent Deadlies.

All their songs are great, I especially loved the song about Styrofoam. The show was over way too fast. When Emily Jayne closed the show with “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” no one wanted to leave. I can’t wait to see The Fashion Slaves again.

Fashion Slaves Rock Fillmore

The Fashion Slaves at Millard FillmoreWhat a blast!!! We had a killer show at The Leap Year Day Assembly at Millard Fillmore Vocational School! We got the show at the last minute. It seems some students rumored The Foo Fighters were going to play, and The Fashion Slaves didn’t want to disappoint the packed gym at Fillmore on Feb.29, 2012.

Michael Rosen was there with his remote recording equipment. So that show now is preserved for history. If anyone has photos from the show, we’d sure appreciate them.

BAM Fashion Slaves Article by Pat Johnson

From Pat Johnson’s BAM Blog:

Check Out The Fashion Slaves

Pat JohnsonOne of the greatest things about being a music photographer is discovering new artists, and it’s even better if they have a cool sense of style.

The Fashion Slaves fit that to a “T.”

Legendary Beserkley Records founder Matthew King Kaufman and Grammy-winning producer/engineer Michael Rosen recently teamed up to record a live CD titled Check Out The Fashion Slaves, on Fun Fun Fun Recordings..

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