Interview With The Fashion Slaves

“I invited them to be interviewed and the rest is history!”

1. How did The Fashion Slaves get their start?

****The members of the Fashion Slaves were recruited to make a demo for some of the songs Emily Jayne and Eric Din wrote. The songs weren’t Ska, so they got Eric Knight and Pete D’Amato to learn the songs. Playing together was so much fun, they continued it.

2. Who are the artists that form part of The Fashion Slaves?

****Thanks for asking, there are four of us: Emily Jayne, and Eric Din are also members of The Uptones (a Ska band in Berkeley.) Eric Knight played bass in Engine 88, and Pete D’Amato drummed for The Agent Deadlies.

3. What was the inspiration behind the song “Psychotic Reaction” and its subsequent video?

****We needed some songs to play at our first concert. “Psychotic Reaxtion” was a song we all knew. We started playing it one night at rehearsal, and it was so much fun we kept playing it. Emily Jayne made the video one night, and she sprung it on the band. The Slaves loved it and posted it on YouTube.

4. What was the inspiration behind “Styrofoam”?

****The Fashion Slaves love science fiction and fantasy. “Styrofoam” is just that, a fun look at the future.

5. Some people have compared The Fashion Slaves to Blondie and/or The Pretenders.

****Who are these people? The Fashion Slaves want to thank them.

The same applies to Emily Jayne and she is compared to Debbie Harry and Christie Hynde.

****Same answer from Emily Jayne.

What is the reaction of The Fashion Slaves and Emily Jayne to such comparisons?

****The Fashion Slaves are very flattered!

6. You are in the process of recording an album for 2012.

****The Fashion Slaves first recording is done. We recorded the show at Millard Fillmore Vocational School, and it’s about to be released as “Check Out The Fashion Slaves.”

When will it be released?

****It should be in the iTunes store in the middle of April.

7. Will you be doing concerts in Florida and around the country?

****Yes, and we will let you know as soon as we know.

Do you have a world tour planned?

****Yes in our minds right now, but you can be sure The Fashion Slaves will perform everywhere.

8. How long did it take The Fasion Slaves to record “Psychotic Reaction” and “Styrofoam”?

****How long are the songs? These songs were recorded in concert.

9. What is your advice to those who contemplate a career in music?

****Don’t give up. Don’t auto tune. Love what you do.

10. What is your message to the world?

****Have Fun!

Thank you Fashion Slaves for accepting my invitation. My best wishes to you now and always.

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