top notch bay area rock/pop/punk

– by parthenon

Eric Din, veteran ska rocker from the Uptones, Hobo and countless other acts has teamed up with the formidable Emily Jayne to form what is probably the best new band in the Bay right now. Their songs are super catchy and Emily’s vocal talent is simply undeniable. From the possibly Blondie tinged (?) Astral Plane to the astonishing Chelsea cover Your Toy, and everything in between, this “newest of the last gangs” serve up exciting punk/rock with a variety of influences bubbling up through the cracks. These guys LOVE music and it shows. Great vocals, more hooks than a tackle box, solid-but-not-too-slick production and meaningful-but-not-heavy-handed lyrics make this an extremely likable, fun and also deep record. Love these guys and wish the best for them, their sound is refreshing and welcome.

Top Ten things you don’t know about Fashion Slaves lead singer Emily Jayne

1. I hardly wear nailpolish, it just ends up on my guitar when I play.
2. My favorite lipstick is Macs “Lady Danger”.
3. David Lee Roth is my dad’s second cousin.
4. I don’t have my license because im afraid of driving.
5. Before going on a date I change my outfit at least ten times.
6. Caffeine puts me to sleep.
7. I am a cat lady.
8. I have a phobia of zits.  I wash my face 6 times a day.
9. Checking under my bed for monsters is a daily task.
10. For my first gig I headlined the Whisky A Go GO.
For 2 people.  One of them my mom.  The other the sound guy.