Top Ten things you don’t know about Fashion Slaves lead singer Emily Jayne

1. I hardly wear nailpolish, it just ends up on my guitar when I play.
2. My favorite lipstick is Macs “Lady Danger”.
3. David Lee Roth is my dad’s second cousin.
4. I don’t have my license because im afraid of driving.
5. Before going on a date I change my outfit at least ten times.
6. Caffeine puts me to sleep.
7. I am a cat lady.
8. I have a phobia of zits.  I wash my face 6 times a day.
9. Checking under my bed for monsters is a daily task.
10. For my first gig I headlined the Whisky A Go GO.
For 2 people.  One of them my mom.  The other the sound guy.