Where is the love? It’s in social media.

Brands have now started shifting their attention to the social media scene, and we think bands should start doing the same.


Every up and coming band has had the same problems: you make great music, and you’ve secured a huge gig that could potentially put your name out there and make you known to the local music industry… but how do you make sure that people are paying attention?

The answer is simple, and for most people, it’s right under their noses.

According to Pew Internet, 72% of online adults use social networking sites. Forbes recorded an 800% growth of social media usage since 2005. People use Facebook to connect with friends, and even businesses and restaurants have dedicated people who manager their social networking profiles. The impact of social media can’t be overlooked by anybody looking to make a name for themselves.

Even old games that have pretty much established themselves in the world are finding reasons to invest in social marketing. The simple game our grandmas used to play, bingo, is now one of the most prolific games in the online market. Bwin.party, the online gaming tycoon behind Cheeky Bingo, has put Cheeky on Twitter, saying, “As seen through our partnership with Manchester United, in 2012 we began to evolve our sponsorship strategy to focus on social media and social gaming, online and mobile integration, reflecting the shift in consumer usage of these channels.”

The power of social media is unmistakable. Thanks to efforts like this, bingo has become an online affair. Of the 100 million bingo players in the world, 85% of them now prefer to play bingo online.

With 56% of consumers being more likely to promote a brand as a fan if they are visible online, if you really want to get the word out that your awesome new band is having its first big-time gig, then you’d better create a Facebook page and let everyone know.

Your band page can also help potential fans get a feel for your music. Upload recordings and videos, photos of the band, and even merchandise. The more information they’re able to sort through online, the bigger the chance that they’ll consider it and tell their friends to check it out. If you have a bit of elbow room, you can even get custom Facebook pages and apps. Websites like North Social may be able to help you design an eye-catching band page too.

Remember, people now get most of their news from the internet, and from friends sharing information. A good band invites friends through a gig, but a great band uses social media to do it. After all, if it was able to bring life to bingo and make it the craze that it is today, then it’s bound to do wonders for your band too.